Allin Interactive Introduces Dynamic “Live Main Menu” ITV Feature at HITEC 2016

NEW ORLEANS, June 20, 2016 — Allin Interactive announced today at the HITEC conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, the introduction of its integrated “Live Main Menu” design for the Allin DigiHD™ ITV platform.  This powerful new feature is being demonstrated to the hotel and resort industry for the first time at the HITEC conference in the Allin Interactive booth #233, the Samsung Electronics booth #759, and the Cox Business booth #1801.

Allin’s Live Main Menu combines the promotional power of interactive digital signage with real-time data feeds to enhance Allin’s ITV Main Menu, creating visual appeal and easy navigation for guests while bringing more important information forward to the first screen they see when they turn on their in-room television.  The Live Main Menu presents a left-side promotion and information panel that operates as an independent looped content slideshow to allow the property to present important information, advertising of on-site services or local shopping, restaurants and attractions, on-site guest photographs, new release pay-per-view movies, and loyalty program summary status.  On-site staff control the left-side promotional panel through Allin’s easy-to-use DigiManager™ content management interface.

The promotional panel can also be used to highlight events, shows, and tours that can be booked through Allin ITV.  What’s more, the integrated Allin rules-based engine confirms that inventory is available on promoted items and automatically removes sold-out items from the promotional loop.  Lastly, the promotional panel can show real-time upcoming activities and events on the property’s daily activities schedule as part of the dynamic information “slideshow.”

A key feature of the new promotional panel is the ability for guests to select the video “play” button on their remote control to initiate a pop-up video associated with the highlighted item.  The guest can close the video pop-up box at any time.

Allin’s solution integrates with a real-time weather feed to display current local weather conditions and with the hotel’s PMS to display the guest name as part of a welcome message. The main menu also notifies the guest when they have a new message in their personal ITV inbox.  The ITV modules are presented on the right side in a tiled format for easy up-down-left-right navigation by the guest.  Up to 12 modules can fit on the right side of the new main menu without scrolling up or down.  Certain module buttons, such as the Daily Activity Schedule and Guest Personal Calendar, can display the next 2 upcoming items in real time in lieu of a graphic.  The guest can select any module to proceed to the extensive functionality offered in the Allin DigiHD ITV system.

“We are proud and excited to introduce our Live Main Menu concept at HITEC 2016,” stated Brian Blair, president of Allin Interactive.  “Our clients have indicated they want to bring more dynamic information forward, generate more opportunities to drive on-site revenue and create more promotional and advertising real estate.  We think the Live Main Menu fits these requirements perfectly in a way that is easy to manage by the property while being appealing and easy to use by the guests.”

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