Allin Interactive Collaborates with LG Electronics on Hospitality Integration Project

AUSTIN, June 16, 2015 — Allin Interactive announced today at the HITEC conference in Austin, Texas the integration of Allin’s DigiHD™ high-definition interactive television solution with LG Electronics’ Pro:Centric® Platform series of hospitality Smart IPTVs.

As a result, hospitality clients can seamlessly present Allin’s full HD ITV solution on LG’s Hospitality Smart IPTVs without the use of an external set-top-box (STB).  The announcement today was accompanied by a ribbon-cutting ceremony with LG executives in Allin’s booth #321 at the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition, hosted this year at the Austin Convention Center.

“Our collaboration with LG, the dominant player in hotel TVs, capitalizes on the complementary strengths of DigiHD and Pro:Centric,” stated Brian Blair, president of Allin Interactive. “The ability to deliver our industry-leading ITV platform on the LG Pro:Centric Smart TVs and STBs is a powerful step in giving hoteliers significant flexibility on display selection while extending the very best in-room entertainment and interactive services to their guests.”

LG’s Pro:Centric provides a dedicated hotel application platform for system integrators’ interactive applications, enabling delivery of a wide range of custom applications tailored to both hotel management and guest needs.  Leading system integrators like Allin apply their software directly into the televisions, eliminating the need for external STB hardware and reducing associated capital and support.  The LG platform also includes remote diagnostic tools for partners to manage their systems and monitor the TVs on the hotel network.

Allin’s DigiHD solution provides a branded high-definition interactive interface that optimizes the real estate of today’s high-resolution television screens.  Interactive content is managed 100% by the client via Allin’s DigiManager™ content management portal, providing guests with access to quality on-demand information and entertainment.  Efficient and easy navigation enhances the ITV experience, offering functionality such as pay-per-view movies, tour and show ticketing, restaurant information with menus and reservations, daily activity schedule, account review, and room service ordering.

For those hoteliers that employ LG and third-party commercial televisions that require the implementation of an external set-top-box, Allin and LG can now fulfill this requirement with the LG Pro:Centric STB-3000.

“This two-pronged collaborative effort has positioned Allin Interactive to deliver its powerful and effective interactive solution both directly on our LG Pro:Centric Smart TVs and, with the LG STB, on most other commercial grade hospitality televisions currently in use,” said Michael Kosla, vice president, hospitality sales at LG Electronics USA.  “As such, Allin’s DigiHD ITV functionality becomes a cost-effective means for hoteliers to help drive maximum guest satisfaction, loyalty, and on-site spend while optimizing their in-room experience.”

About Allin Corporation

Allin Corporation is a leading provider of interactive application development, technology consulting and platform integration services. Allin Interactive, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in deploying turn-key integrated interactive television and interactive mobile applications to the hospitality marketplace, based on its innovative browser-based DigiManager content management solution.  Allin leverages its experience and custom development capabilities to deliver the most functionality and flexibility of any interactive hospitality solution in the world.   The Company maintains offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  For additional information about Allin, visit the Company’s Internet site at

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